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We are Vietnam Backstreet Tours

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Who we are:

Vietnam Backstreet Tours has been founded by 3 young Hanoian who were born after Vietnam War & growing up under the subsidized era (“coupon era”) before Vietnam opened the door to the World. The memo of rising up from Russian style Apartments, small back alleys just enough space for only 2 people walking or “black market” is always in our beautiful childhood. With different background of business but we all love Hanoi and decided to create a tour with different ways to explore the Real Hanoi.

Our tours:

This tour is focus on Learning & Discovery experiences for travelers who want to see the Real Lives in Hanoi. Not like many tour companies just showing Hanoi with beautiful famous touristic places, we’d love to Experience you the Living museum of Hanoi with the Good- the Bad & the Ugly though your 5 senses.

– Be Local: The best way to see Hanoi is riding motorbike like millions of Hanoian on daily works, pick up school kids, go to market… in Hai Ba Trung & Dong Da districts where 70% city business & population living .

– Riding vintage Russian Minsk Motorcycle & Legendary Russian Gaz69 (from Subsidized era): through zigzag Backstreet alleys , Black Market to beautiful romantic French Boulevard & West Lake area.

– Touching Local Culture with the first hands testimony of home visits & tasting local street foods will be the Wow for local culture experiences that you will never forget.

– Our young passion local tour guides & experienced drivers who have great knowledge of Hanoi will surely enrich your travel experiences.

Our Social Responsibility:

Doing business but never forgetting to fulfill the duty for society. By traveling with us, you are not only support the local people in the tour but also give 10% (from our profit) for Vietnam Backstreet Foundation in the rural NORTHWEST mountainous area of Vietnam (Education for Ethnic minority kids by building library & class rooms).