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She thanked me again for taking these things for her, I put my hand on her shoulder and said it was no problem and looked forward to hearing how Finlay was getting on . I suggested we head back to my hotel as I could put the meal on expenses and let work pay, then I would drop him back with his box of goodies from his mum,
Soon after we were sat down and with beer in hand I quickly took a picture of him and we sent it to Vivienne with a short note of explanation

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I could tell she was undergoing the same thing, Her slit was gushing .


I felt Brock gripping my cheeks and spreading me open as Elena thrust into me

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I remember my whole body shuttering, instinctivaley pinching my nipples through my shirt, only increasing the intensity of what I was feeling, I sighed and brought my hand to my mouth and licked the substance off of my fingers

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More the boy became less a human and more primal, His head was buzzing and swinging, It was utterly humiliating; he couldn’t even understand what was happening,

A groan from his Master, who recuperating from this extraordinary experience praised Daemon for his excellent skills on the matter, enticing him to go on by holding his head in place and envisaging his face with spit that slid down from forehead to chin in ways that his eyes beheld only tears as his mouth continued the job in deepthroating his well thick cock in surplus of the sweet precum that seeped into him from within

Had Zyphyra never escaped with her unborn child, than Essylt would have been raised knowing what her role would be, Essylt cried out as he claimed her body, but even in her cries there was the sound of ecstacy as her body was impaled over and over by his monstrous shaft,

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It was my son, barely being able to walk, he was being helped by a black man who said he was the taxi driver, who drove my son home, my son seemed to have drank a lot, and he wasn’t used to drinking, both my drunk son and I have clearly noticed the drivers eyes mesmerized on my seminude body, he was checking me out without shame, but no one could blame him, I almost had most of my sexy body on display, Many things gathered together at that moment, I was horny, so was Billy, we were both drunk, things were going out of the control for both of us, no words were spoken, but lots of actions were done by then, to the no return point of having my first orgasm over the fingers of my own son, who pulled his hand, replaced it with his mouth and tongue in a split of a second, I was supposed to fight back or try to stop him, but I did not, in fact I could not, I wanted it much more than he did


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