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Darlene’s body was like an animated woman from one of his video games . “No, you can’t,” she said, I was already paralyzed, but the wheels came off the train because of a woman and I had to start over

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After Vera got up Toni got on and in no time she was coming also then Vera sat down on the floor and started to lick Toni’s pussy hard and fast trying to stick her fingers in with my cock as I continued to fuck Toni soon Toni was coming again this time I lost it to and I was moaning so loud when I came after we all had a good laugh about it , we ate dinner and had drinks and started playing dominoes after the first game Toni said its difficult playing with three it usually a partner game with four people let’s make it interesting let’s play it like strip poker hand by hand the winner gets to tell the looser what to take off ,Vera says why not I am game so we start to play Toni had talked to me told me to try to loose and she would try to let Vera win let’s see what she does . Her name was Vera we have known her since I met Toni had been friends with her for a long time she was very horny by the stories they exchanged and the way she always flirted with men when she was around she was known as fresh always hitting on the men regardless if he was attached to one of her friend or not so Toni thought it would be good to try to test her see how far she would go

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Without her magic and his brute power, it was hopeless, Go to home. She gasped, thighs tightening about my waist, her nipples hard on my chest

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It wasn’t the normal shot of cum though, it was more like a stream than a spurt, “This is honestly going to be more of my toy than yours tonight, but I think that you will appreciate it,

Then she began to pull her body down over mine, I licked down between her slit sliding it open with the tip of my tongue

I felt daring, exposed and excited, ” I thought, ”

“Sophie you look amazing, it really does suit those long, slim legs of yours; it’s perfect

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She pushed back into me wildly as she told me to smack her ass, She spread her cheeks and I could see my cum starting to spill from her ass but she rubbed it in like lotion and shoved her finger inside


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