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It was mid morning as I showered in this new place, my mind was wandering as to what awaited me, and no one would be more pleasantly surprised by the way it started than me? The water was hot , and the next thing I knew the shower door opened and Becka had a nice dry towel waiting, I turned the water off as she wrapped it around me most lovingly, pulled me into her arms and with her hands on my breasts helped dry my body then kissed me on the neck from behind, whispering in my ear I have a wonderful breakfast surprise to start this day for you?

My husband Jon always trying to surprise me, had done all sorts of kinky sexual things with me in many of the hotels and motels we stayed at, they were always exciting and arousing when he did so? Becka was apparently going to be much the same when it came to kinky sexual surprise’s!

Back in her room dry and wearing nothing Becka had laid out a pair of shiny red 4” slut heels, and said put them on! I loved heels like these, but could hardly walk in them without my husbands arm, and was usually a klutz with my eyes wide open, But for some reason when I was naked and blindfolded I became much more sure footed and seemed to have no trouble keeping my balance when bound and wearing nothing but hi heels!

After last nights sex play, had thought I was not quite ready for more,

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Porn Amateur Anally riding kinky teen deep throats cock

I got out a nail file and rubbed it against my right nipple

Success, I now had 2 nipples poking through the paint,

β€œAnyone fancy a drink or an ice cream?” I asked . That left their arms that had been under my butt free

Anally riding kinky teen deep throats cock

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She bit my chest and sucked my nipples as I tried to suck hers, Go to home. I got hold of her waist and started to fuck her hard and fast, I couldn’t help myself

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Heading over to the locker where you left your things, you take a moment to look at yourself in the floor-to-ceiling mirror,

You’d just finished up in the pool, having been swimming about for almost two hours, Despite having nothing touch your cock, your prostate being constantly massaged has you rapidly approaching orgasm, and soon you can’t help but go limp as you cum, cock twitching as you spurt your fluid all over yourself and the area immediately in front of you, All of these tentacles seem to be coated in a clear mucus-like fluid, and you can feel more slithering up your legs towards your chest

Me: I dare you to lick my asshole, It felt so unbelievably good, In order to keep myself from doing so I got up and sat back down on the bed, ready for Connor’s turn

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What do you think?’ Sue was confused, horny, and needed product, she tied Sues hair back in a bun and pulled it downwards to that her head was pulled backwards and she couldnt see down


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